Thursday, 8 December 2011

I'm dreaming of a pink Christmas

This box was my nursery and Ive re-papered it using this lovely pink & green striped paper from Itsy Bitsy. Its destined to be an extension to my Patisserie Francaise to house my growing collection of pink cakes but just for December its my Pinklicious Christmas!!

As usual I've filled the shelves with cannisters and the beautiful Christmas Tree Teapot and mini ornament are from Catherine Rohal on Ebay.

The pink gerbera cupcakes are from Miniature Patisserie

I made the nutcracker themed placemats, wrapping paper, ribbons etc. The Christmas tree and lollipops are also from Cathy Rohal.

 The Christmas Stocking was printed on Supersoft Paper which feels like fabric but has the body of paper, I love it and the cute little teapot hanger is also from Cathy Rohal, its not really Christmas themed but I just looked out all my favourite pink 'bits'

And talking of my favourite pink pieces here is my little girl from the hugely talented Lisa Johnson-Richards, she is just adorable ... Lisa & the doll!!

Just for the record my own Christmas theme is NOT pink, its silver and white and I love that too. I wish you all a happy and healthy Christmas holiday however you spend it.

Jackie xx

Monday, 31 October 2011

Mwahaha ..... Trick or Treat

Recently I was lucky enough to win my first give away from Kathy Olaf-Obrenski, she sent me this gorgeous pumpkin cake. Additionally she so graciously sent me lots of extras which I'll show later in the Patisserie Francaise which despite the current recession is expanding!!

The cake was enough to prompt me to put together the little Halloween party scene ...

The cute little birdhouse is from Katy and the pumpkin is a lucky find from a keyring

The cannisters and paper items were made last year but so typically of me I never got round to putting the display together ... hopefully next year I'll have the party guests in their fancy dress costumes :-)

The centre cake was from Paris Miniatures and the cupcakes from Lory, so happy to have them out on show

How cute is this little fellow in one of Kat the Hat lady's fabulous hats

Happy Halloween everyone, I've got a tub of goodies ready in case we have guisers knocking on the door tonight ... for those of you elsewhere its our custom here in Scotland where children dress up and visit friends or neighbours,  sing a song or recite a poem and look to collect a 'Penny for the Guy' for Guy Fawkes night next week. 

Jackie x

Friday, 30 September 2011

The Rooster Roombox is finished ........

Before talking about my roombox I'd just like to say how thrilled I am to have more new followers ... when I started this Blog in April I didn't know if anyone would read it and am just loving being involved in the mini blog community - thank you all :-)

Now the roombox ... when I say finished I have to confess that I'm always going back to things and moving them and changing little things but on the whole it is finished!

The outside with rooster panels on the shutters and the rooster topiary

Sylvia's lovely little birdbox

The window seat with cushions added

Table setting

The kitchen sink!!

Cannisters of course 

The table without the cloth, the original centrepiece has moved into one of the cabinets and some new flowers are on the table

I bought this wonderful doll from Lisa Johnson-Richards almost ten years ago and this kitchen just seems the perfect setting for her, I am so flattered that she likes the setting

So now that the first roombox is complete I'm moving onto the next one in a week or two and also thinking of a give-away to celebrate passing 100 followers ... more news soon.

Jackie x

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A little progress ... Rooster Roombox

I haven't quite got round to really starting on my Rooster House yet ... despite having collected so many things for it .... but I've started on this roombox, I think the size suits me better!

I've added this bay window to make a window seat

Rooster blinds & pelmet

Still to make a cushion for the window suit

I've been busy printing, cutting & gluing like mad today ... towels, trays, cake stands and different sized plates

Cannisters (of course) and placemats

Tray, rolling pin, biscuit tins, trivet and wax candle

The placemats are printed on double sided cotton and they have come out really well.

The recipe box has little dividers & recipe cards, I love how its come out.

I'm really looking forward to Miniatura at the NEC in Birmingham this weekend ... all that's on my Shopping List is a picture frame and more plain dishes to decorate ... but I'm sure going all that way I'll just have to buy lots more!! Hope everyone else who's going has a great time, Jackie