Monday, 6 February 2012

Roomboxes for Christmas

I just can't believe that we are into February already and that it's over two months since I posted on my Blog. 
Because I know in my heart that I really can't have any more houses I have been looking at revamping some of my original Edwardian Houses and am determined not to start any new projects until I have sorted through my whole collection of miniatures and rediscovered what's in all my boxes!! It can be quite a revelation I can tell you ... I have found some beautiful things I'd forgotten about and which are far too lovely to be in boxes and I have also identified things which I no longer need and I've sold one house and around 30 dolls and still got a way to go ... money to spend on new miniatures :-)
Just before Christmas I made two roomboxes as gifts; one for my cousin who is not a miniaturist but asked for something in a shabby chic country style and one for my daughter who has recently bought her first flat and I based it on her room which we all helped decorate.

The basic roombox with a bay window added to provide the window seat. I think I like window seats in my minis because I'd love to have one for real!

The mannequin started life as dark wood, I painted it white and decoupaged strips of a lovely pink floral paper.

The finished roombox complete with her little dog Pixie.

Happily my cousin loved it and here it stands in its new home.

This is the kitchen/ living room in Lynsey's flat and we had great fun decorating it ... I wish I'd had "before" photos to show as it really was stuck in a 70's time warp!!

This is my mini version of the kitchen, I love the stools which were from Elf Miniatures.

The French baguette is from Christel Jensen and the fabulous cheese platter from Amanda Speakman.

Sophie, one of Lynsey's favourite cats when she was wee.

That's it for now, on with the tidying and organising before moving on to one of the many revamps that I've got planned.

Thanks for looking, Jackie x