Sunday, 22 July 2012

My Vintage Dream

Firstly my almost standard introduction of apologising and making my excuses for being such a poor Blogger. I am so delighted to have so many new followers and believe me I really do appreciate your interest when I go so long between posts! 
Again I have been working away over the last month on my latest project and because I forget to Blog as I go along I am now bombarding you with dozens of photos of the story ... I hope you enjoy them and thank you for staying with me.
And lastly to one of my very special friends who is not a miniaturist or a Blogger but has encouraged me so much over the years and nudges me to update my Blog ........... Happy Birthday next week Gill xx

I bought this gorgeous little shop from Julie Bennet and have had the best fun filling it and finishing it, in fact this is really one of the first projects I have actually completed before moving onto my next.

For the first time I had a go and painting and distressing some bare wood furniture ... and yes let's just say I got a little hooked .... 

Back in my more familiar territory of working with paper & fabric I made books, fabric bolts, sample curtains, rugs, cushions & of course a cannister or two.

Upstairs was even more fun, most of the bits were from my many boxes of things collected over the years, again paint & distressing turned gold frames, lots of charms & ornaments, etc into some cool "vintage" collectibles 

This really has been one of my favourite projects to date, I hope you enjoy the pictures

Jackie xx