Friday, 24 June 2011



What fun its been to read so many posts about SIMP and relive the memories. I had such a lovely time in Paris as my son was also over for the weekend and they didn't tell me he'd be there so it was a fantastic surprise. As he & his girlfriend are only managing to spend a weekend together every 6 weeks or so I wanted to give them time together so spent lots of time wandering myself ... and loved it!! We got together for lunch or dinner and went shopping so it was a happy balance :-)

Sunday, 12 June 2011

S.I.M.P. Paris 2010 & 2011

They do say that as you get older time goes by more quickly ... remember when you were wee and the time from one Christmas to the next just seemed like forever ... no more !!
I'm so looking forward to going to Paris next weekend because I'll see my son's lovely girlfriend for the first time in 6 months, I'll be in a beautiful city and I'll be going back to S.I.M.P.
This time last year Kris had been training in Paris for almost two years and I'd just happened to time a visit with the most fantastic Miniatures Fair. He is now back training in the UK down in Bath (beautiful Dollshouse Shop there too!) but Catty is still in Paris working so they may end up living there in future ... who knows?? Anyway I just cant believe it's a year since S.I.M.P. but I'm even more ashamed to say my purchases are still not out in situ, I'm sooo bad at completing things :)
For the past couple of years I've been making and gathering things for 'Home to Roost' which is my chicken house and early 2010 I'd asked Sylvia if she could make me one of her shabby jugs with a chicken on it .... of course she did a lovely one so I asked if she could make me more things. There followed quite a lengthy conversation on the subject with us both coming up with more and more ideas. It culminated in us meeting up at S.I.M.P. and she gave me a box of fantastic goodies - back in the flat we were all admiring them.

I just love the birdhouses

I was just blown away at the Fair and must confess to spending lots of Euros but I just don't get that opportunity often. I was also lucky enough to get one of Rosanna's amazing tea cosies, her work is unbelievable and I'm hoping she'll have a chicken cushion this year??

Beautiful beautiful Tea Cosy

I love Lory's creations and am delighted she will be there this year

Lory's Teapot & Plaque

Not from Paris but because so many of you love Kat's Hats ... how adorable is this? The sack of eggs was an extra gift.

Of course more & more of my cannisters ready for the kitchen

And lastly my resolution is to come home, show you my purchases from both 2010 and 2011 and have them all lovingly on show before 2012 .... there it's in writing.

Jackie x