Wednesday, 25 May 2011

A Spot of Gardening

Hello again & welcome to my new followers, I'm still getting my head round the interest and the huge mini blog community out there but its lovely to share my hobby!

It's that time of year here in Scotland ... planting tubs, hanging baskets, cutting grass ... my poor garden has been a little neglected the past couple of years. I like it to look natural but its now gone a bit beyond that & looks slightly out of control !! Or a wilderness as my kids describe it ... but hopefully by this time next year I'll have it back on track.

In the meantime this little mini garden is for a Roombox Competition.

I added a false room at the rear with a window & light to add interest to the basic shape

The scene is from a birthday card and the tree is the large size railway model wire tree, it looks so effective

The lovely little stone rabbit is from Katie's Clay Corner and the little daises are made from quilling paper ... quick, easy & quite pretty

There's trellis above with foliage, fimo grapes, fairy lights with turquoise paper shades

I love the palm tree which is also from the Model Tree Shop and more pink daises

The little shelf in the corner has more quilled paper daisies, the foliage is bits of aquarium plastic plants, the candle is melted wax poured into a tiny glass jar with a 'yankee' label. Katie made the two stone effect ornaments and the Paris sign and hope she likes them here!

This white wire sofa is painted grey, I wanted bright fabric for the cushions ... so I printed these designs on Crafty Computer Linen Paper, love it, best I've found

A fun little windmill

I put together a collection of fimo fruit from my collection, the pink daisies are quilled again, more candles, a card jug, cocktails from Carol McVickers and the anemones are from a kit ... as the instructions were in French I just had to follow the pictures ... I'm really pleased with them :-)

Dusk ... and the little pussy cat is still out there

And finally the real thing ... the passion flower in my conservatory has flowered continuously for 12 months so I must be doing something right

Thanks for looking, Jackie x