Thursday, 8 December 2011

I'm dreaming of a pink Christmas

This box was my nursery and Ive re-papered it using this lovely pink & green striped paper from Itsy Bitsy. Its destined to be an extension to my Patisserie Francaise to house my growing collection of pink cakes but just for December its my Pinklicious Christmas!!

As usual I've filled the shelves with cannisters and the beautiful Christmas Tree Teapot and mini ornament are from Catherine Rohal on Ebay.

The pink gerbera cupcakes are from Miniature Patisserie

I made the nutcracker themed placemats, wrapping paper, ribbons etc. The Christmas tree and lollipops are also from Cathy Rohal.

 The Christmas Stocking was printed on Supersoft Paper which feels like fabric but has the body of paper, I love it and the cute little teapot hanger is also from Cathy Rohal, its not really Christmas themed but I just looked out all my favourite pink 'bits'

And talking of my favourite pink pieces here is my little girl from the hugely talented Lisa Johnson-Richards, she is just adorable ... Lisa & the doll!!

Just for the record my own Christmas theme is NOT pink, its silver and white and I love that too. I wish you all a happy and healthy Christmas holiday however you spend it.

Jackie xx