Monday, 31 October 2011

Mwahaha ..... Trick or Treat

Recently I was lucky enough to win my first give away from Kathy Olaf-Obrenski, she sent me this gorgeous pumpkin cake. Additionally she so graciously sent me lots of extras which I'll show later in the Patisserie Francaise which despite the current recession is expanding!!

The cake was enough to prompt me to put together the little Halloween party scene ...

The cute little birdhouse is from Katy and the pumpkin is a lucky find from a keyring

The cannisters and paper items were made last year but so typically of me I never got round to putting the display together ... hopefully next year I'll have the party guests in their fancy dress costumes :-)

The centre cake was from Paris Miniatures and the cupcakes from Lory, so happy to have them out on show

How cute is this little fellow in one of Kat the Hat lady's fabulous hats

Happy Halloween everyone, I've got a tub of goodies ready in case we have guisers knocking on the door tonight ... for those of you elsewhere its our custom here in Scotland where children dress up and visit friends or neighbours,  sing a song or recite a poem and look to collect a 'Penny for the Guy' for Guy Fawkes night next week. 

Jackie x