Sunday, 31 July 2011

A Room to Grow

All my boys are away this week ... the oldest (hubby) and youngest are in Ibiza, middle son in Shanghai & daughter at her b/f's ... so just little old me, the cat & fish at home. The cleaning, laundry, shopping all done, Mother visited, her laundry & shopping done ... and my house is still tidy, I've had sole use of my car & lots of time to finish my Nursery!!
This beautiful baby by Michaela Rose Reikert has been in my houses for many years & I just love her peachy little baby's bottom but low & behold when setting her in this scene I dropped her on my glass table & both her legs broke, I was really upset and did some first aid but thought it best to cover her discreetly with a blanket :-)

I fitted this shelf unit into the back of the roombox and decorated it to match the pink bunny border.

And of course filled it with cannisters as usual plus toys and books

Nappy basket & a sweet little rabbit doll from PamelaJunkMinis on Etsy

Changing Table filled with pink & white towels etc

White wire crib with the legs removed ... maybe not so wise with the little dog allowed in the nursery!

Hope you like it, just for fun I've made this a room to grow and fast forward about 6 years or so and its a fun playroom ....

This little girl loves fashion & the shelves are now decorated to match the grown up border

I just love how all the white wire furniture has turned out

The old playpen is used for keeping all her dressing up clothes together, she loves wearing Mummy's high heeled shoes and has some real vintage bonnets too ...

When friends come round to play they love to have grown up parties with cakes & cocktails - non alcoholic of course!

There's a lot of photos there so thanks for looking!!

Jackie x


  1. So cute and so girly ... nice things to see on this Monday morning... REally a lot of things together and with pink my favorite color.. doei, claude

  2. Beautiful Jacky, I love all those little girl things.
    I am a mother of three son's and my fourth child is a girl.
    So, I have always enjoy all the pink things after all the blue (LOL)

    Hugs Sylvia

  3. Thank you! Sylvia - next on my to-do list is definitely my chicken house . . there won't be a hint of pink in sight :-)

  4. Dear Jacky, I love the things you made maybe you like this project, greetings from the Netherlands , Karina

  5. Jackie, I love this room and how it has changed throgh the years. I truly enjoy a dep in iknk to since I'm surrounded by boys, both old and young ;o)
    You have done a lovely job, Rosanna

  6. Hi Jackie, the scenes are amazing! I loved it. : D

  7. Dear Jackie, how nice to enjoy such a long post in pink on such a cloudy day! My little ones also are lying "bottom up" like your baby! So sweet! I wonder if you made the white and pink chairs and table by yourself???
    Hugs, Sandra

  8. Sandra - the table & chairs are just white wire ones, the coloured 'cloth' is cut from glossy scrapbooking paper ... very simple!!

  9. A lovely scene. What a pity about your poor baby! Well disguised though and both scenes are beautiful. Gill x

  10. Preciosa escena, muy dulce.!!!!Besos desde España.

  11. Beautiful , I love all those little girl things.
    You have done a beautiful job !