Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Two posts in two days !!!

Well I could almost say I'm on a roll as this is my second post in two days after a really long absence!! I'm just putting up some photos to show what I've been busy with and also a couple of my very special purchases.

I started making some cushions a couple of months ago , I really enjoyed it and so I made some more .. and more ... and more .... I've made over 300 now but have sold lots of them to my mini friends, its lovely that people have bought them but also a little nerve-wracking :-) I hope you like them.

This one was just for fun as its a copy of my own cushion!

Now this is one of my favourite recent purchases as I so love miniatures which are real & life like .... this pram from Gill Red Bloor(


is just adorable, it converts to a buggy and even has its own rain cover.

I so loved my pram that I asked Gill if she could make me a shopping trolley and she did!! How fantastic is it?

Thanks so much for looking and for all your entries for my Giveaway, I'm off to Kensington Dollshouse Festival this weekend and am very excited as I've never been before ... so hopefully next post will show some special purchases.

Jackie x


  1. Hello i didnt know you had a blog, its lovely to see them, i love your pram its wonderful.

  2. Hi Jackie! I´m green with eager for your amazing pram, but...what do I have to do to get a doggy cushion with bow?
    Have fun in Kensington!
    Hugs, Sandra

    1. Sandra, I can make you one of the doggy cushions next week when I'm back from London, I'll message you x

  3. Your cushions are absolutely gorgeous Jackie. Do you have any plans for an Etsy shop, or a 'for sale' page on your blog?

    Gill's work is truly amazing, love your goodies from her.

    1. Norma, I do plan an Etsy shop but I have to confess I'm very slow at making my plans happen!! I'll message you x

  4. All beautiful ....!
    Cool, I really like the pillows with the dancers!
    As you can see from my blog I love the Jack Russell Terrier dogs infinitely very common in your country ... I would love to see one of them with a pillow ...
    A big kiss

  5. Jackie, your pillows are fabulous!!!!!!!!!! I love the hydrangeas, the paris pillows and the dogs are so cute :-)

  6. Your cushions a re beautiful.
    your purchases are wonderful, just stunning.

  7. I love the stroller, baby!! It is beautiful :)

  8. Preciosos cojines. Son todos muy bonitos, especialmente los de los perritos coronados y las hortensias. Que disfrutes mucho en Dollhouse Festival.

  9. Your cushions are fantastic. The dogs are so cute. I love the bear and dancers. Your pram is amazing. The shopping trolley is gorgeous. Have a fantastic time at the show.
    Hugs Maria

  10. So beautiful and elegant pillows, I love them!! The trolley is gorgeous, I love it!! Is so real and well made! Hugs

  11. Fantastic buggy! Amazing! How I envy you going to Kensington. The May fair was always my favourite of all fairs. I hope you spent loads! Gill x

  12. Que bonitos cojines, pero el cochecito es una monada!!

  13. Lovely cushions!! I like specially the flowers ones. They look so sweet...

  14. Me han encantado los cojines,te han quedado maravillosos,que colores!!!!
    El cochecito de bebe es increíble!!! El más bonito que he visto y menudo detalle el carro de la compra a juego!!

  15. Oh Jackie!! I love the pram:) I had a black one as a child that I used to push my cat around in.. And he loved going for rides in it, lol!!

    I do love your pillows, too:) Smart to make a mini copy of one of your own:)


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