Sunday, 22 July 2012

My Vintage Dream

Firstly my almost standard introduction of apologising and making my excuses for being such a poor Blogger. I am so delighted to have so many new followers and believe me I really do appreciate your interest when I go so long between posts! 
Again I have been working away over the last month on my latest project and because I forget to Blog as I go along I am now bombarding you with dozens of photos of the story ... I hope you enjoy them and thank you for staying with me.
And lastly to one of my very special friends who is not a miniaturist or a Blogger but has encouraged me so much over the years and nudges me to update my Blog ........... Happy Birthday next week Gill xx

I bought this gorgeous little shop from Julie Bennet and have had the best fun filling it and finishing it, in fact this is really one of the first projects I have actually completed before moving onto my next.

For the first time I had a go and painting and distressing some bare wood furniture ... and yes let's just say I got a little hooked .... 

Back in my more familiar territory of working with paper & fabric I made books, fabric bolts, sample curtains, rugs, cushions & of course a cannister or two.

Upstairs was even more fun, most of the bits were from my many boxes of things collected over the years, again paint & distressing turned gold frames, lots of charms & ornaments, etc into some cool "vintage" collectibles 

This really has been one of my favourite projects to date, I hope you enjoy the pictures

Jackie xx


  1. Hello, good to hear everything OK, fabolous project! It looks incredible, great work, congratulations:)

  2. Jackie, it is so cute. Truly love it . Have a lovely evening Rosanna

  3. Jackie, it´s just wonderful! I adore the way you combined the colors and you did a great job with distressing the furniture! My personal favourite is the cabinet with the fabric bolts, but of course, someone has to look more than once to see all :-) Hugs, Sandra

  4. Eh...Jackie, is there already a winner for your giveaway????

    1. Samira, the winner was Eva over at MINIs Y MÁS COSAS DE EVA, Jackie x

  5. You have some wonderful "stock" in your little shop - it's a lovely project. Well done too on having a go with revamping the furniture. I love the whitewood stuff - there's so much scope with it. Nice to see you back blogging again.

  6. Fantasties het ziet er allemaal geweldig uit.
    groetjes doortje

  7. I'm happy to have found your blog. A very inspiring place. Your miniatures are gorgeous.

  8. un trabajo precioso



  9. Het is zeker een echte droom. Wat prachtig allemaal. Een geslaagd project om trots op te zijn.

    Groeten Xandra

  10. All is beautiful, thank you for sharing.

  11. It's really beautiful Jackie, every little detail is an absolute delight and together they combine to make a tiny dream space.

  12. Your Vintage Dreams shop is beautiful...inside and out! I've enjoyed looking at each many wonderful details. I love the little price tags you've put on the pieces, it really adds to the illusion that it is a tiny shop♥

  13. Ohhhhhhhhh, pero que bonito te ha quedado todo. Estoy alucinada, me gusta, me gusta mucho.
    Enhorabuena! Tus trabajos me vuelven loca, los haces tan dulces.
    Besos Jackie

  14. I think it's one of my favorites too:) I love the upstairs!

  15. todo precioso!!! Me encantan tus trabajos son una maravilla, felicidades!!

  16. A very beautiful shop. I love every little detail. I'd be a willing client who'd love to buy some of the stock the shop carries.

  17. Wonderful, amazing and very stylish.

  18. Wow wonderful shop. I love all the fantastic details in both. Great work with the furniture I love the changes you have made.
    Hugs Maria

  19. Hoy he tenido el gusto de conocer tu blog y ya tienes una seguidora mas, me ha encantado pasear por tu casa,tienes unos trabajos bellisimos,besos Pepi

  20. Wow, Jackie! What a wonderful job!

  21. Meravigliose miniature!!! Un sogno!!!
    Un bacio

  22. All your photos make me dream, your miniatures are really beautiful and full of charm;

  23. Hey.
    I understand that you do not have time to blog when you are so productive. Great details in your stuff.


  24. Absolutamente maravilloso!
    Amo tu trabajo!

  25. Hi
    I admire your shabby chic photos I especially like the pretty cabinet with the gorgeous lace in it, so glad I found your blog, I too find it very difficult to find time to blog, but I do enjoy it.
    Mini Hugs

  26. Hi Jackie!
    What a gorgeous blog you have - filled with so many exquisite miniatures!
    I am delighted to have found you!
    I am having a wonderful time catching up on all your posts!
    Hugs to you! x

  27. I found your blog today and I really love your miniatures. Your work so precisely. Love it!

    Mini Hugs, Vall
    Vanilla Miniatures

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