Friday, 18 March 2011

Pretty pink shabby chic

I have spent a lot of my time off this week putting together some shabby chic pink shelves and a shop counter. I love pink, love shabby chic and love decorating these canisters using decoupage techniques.

The hardest part has been getting this post together and uploading the photos, I definitely need a lot more practice :-)

More and more canisters ...

More canisters and plastic placemats

Jug, books and plastic placemats

Cabinet panels, graphics from PinkPearlStudio

Kitchen Banner, graphics from PinkPearlStudio

The little girl doll was bought from a fair many years ago as she reminded me of my little girl who is now 32!


  1. Hi Jackie,
    Of course I remember you and yesterday when te ladies visit me, we talked also about you (LOL)
    Sabiha ( the women that was with me in Paris) was looking between al the things that still must find a place in the new house.
    She found the items that you give me in Paris and she said about the magnifying-glass that it will be perfect in the room for the men in the house.
    All the things you give me in Paris are going to find a beautiful place in the new house.

    I love the cannisters you made, so wonderful with all the cupcake's, beautiful.
    And I am very curious at the chicken house, so show it please!!!

  2. hallo Jackie
    een erge mooie site heb je gemaakt,met lieve en mooie spulletjes het popje vind ik prachtig
    groetjes adrie.
    sorry ik kan het niet in het engels.

  3. Hi Jackie...I've loved looking at your gorgeous pictures....lovely work! Mini hugs, Linda

  4. Oh thank you all so much, I sent the link to my children and a couple of friends as I thought otherwise noone would read this!
    I feel hugely flattered to receive comments from such talented people and felt quite emotional last night :-)

  5. Hi Jackie, Thanks so much for sharing this. Your blog is going to be so fun to visit. Those canisters are wonderful. I love the doll she is so cute. LOVE it all so much. Mini hugs~ Kim

  6. Your little display is lovely and congratulations on getting your blog up and running. I've signed on as a "follower" - Irene

  7. Your work is really beautiful! I love pink too.

  8. Hi Jackie,your work is amazing! Now I'm a big fan of your minis,sweets regards.

  9. Que minis mas preciosas,ya tienes una seuidora más,te invito a visitarme,tengo mi sorteo en mi blog.Besos.

  10. I've just started my dolls house blog too. Congratulations on yours it's looking great. I adore the shabby pink of your shelves. Can't wait to see more. Have become a follower. Caz

  11. Thank you all again for your comments, my biggest fear I guess was that noone would ever find my blog, now its finding time to add more to it!! Now I'm off to enjoy some of your blogs :-)

  12. It's all so absolutely gorgeous! And that little doll in her beautiful white dress is quite spectacular!

  13. Thank you so much Mercedes, I know I'm not a huge of fan of dolls now but I just love her, she will be moving around my different projects !!

  14. How much are your Cupcake Canister sets? love them!

  15. I would like to know if, and where you sell your miniatures.