Saturday, 26 March 2011

Le Chocolatier

 Sadly not a minute for any new creations this week ... maybe tomorrow  :-)
In the meantime here are some pictures of my Le Chocolatier roombox which was an entry in the Minimum World Roombox Shop Competition last month. 

Isn't choosing the colours, paper & fabric the fun part

Behind the counter ... cake stands, biscuit tins etc

Shelves filled with paper items and even more canisters ... that's mainly because I cant do fimo!!
Its a chocolate shop selling 'chocolate themed' items as well as cakes !!

Chocolate Books
The chocolate rose tower cake was bought from 'Good Enough to Eat' and is exactly that!!

A selection of hot chocolate with flakes, loads of whipped cream and marshmallows from Fran ... yummy :-)

I like this quiet peaceful corner
And one scrummy real hot chocolate as a reward

And now me thinks enough canisters, decoupage etc ... next week I need to do something completely different .... I'm thinking a pretty pink nursery, lots of ideas  and am gathering my pink fabrics in preparation :-)


  1. As said before this is really well done. I'm with you on the fabric/paper selection system - I work like that too. It's as time consuming as choosing 1:1 bits, isn't it?

  2. Wow Jackie, this is soooo beautiful, I LOVE IT!!!!!
    The colors are so well chosen ( you know blue is my favorit) and everything match great!!

    At the second picture there is some fabric with the letters and some blue in it, I LOVE IT, just the fabric I am looking for in my new house, did you print it or is it real fabric?


  3. It’s gorgeous your Le Chocolatier roombox!!
    The scene you have arranged is amazing and I do love the last pic with the real hot chocolate. :P
    Look forward to your new creation! Warmest, Oiseau

  4. Well Hello! I am so glad you've got a blog going:) And I love the pictures of the shop! So many neat things to look at!


  5. Thanks for all your encouraging words, now I just need to get better at blogging, mine is very simple at the moment!

    Sylvia - I printed the blue fabric for the blind and table cloth on paper backed cotton from Crafty Computer Paper but the narrow one I think you mean was bought on Etsy from Homesteadtreasures, their grab bags of mixed pieces are such fun but I'm sure they do bigger quantities ... you're so clever I'm sure you could do it yourself :-)

  6. Ohh, it looks delicieus, all the nice details and the beautiful coleurs, I love it!

    Mini Hugs Mieke

  7. Oh! Scrumptious chocolate. I love your display. yes, choosing the colours and materials is so much fun. I love your choices here. There is so much I admire, could talk for England about it. Thanks Jackie. From Caz

  8. Jackie, I am so pleased to have found your blog! I love your chocolate shop! I have always thought that chocolate brown and pale blue is one of the best color combinations!!! Everything looks so wonderful and inviting! I have looked at all of your other posts and look forward to more!

  9. Wow Jackie, you have made een wonderful chocolatier. So cosy, sweet and colorful...
    Thank you that you are my follower...


  10. Jackie, I love chocolat and I love your room box!
    Great work and lovely pictures. I look at them many times.
    :D piikko

  11. Es una escena preciosa, me ha encantado.
    besitos ascension

  12. This is excellent, so much attention to detail, well done indeed.

  13. Esta chocolateria es maravillosa!
    Gran trabajo!

  14. My Favourite! Choc-full of perfect mini accessories.
    Well done, this is so good I'm hungry ;)

    Mins xxx