Monday, 25 April 2011

Easter Fun

Firstly a very warm spring welcome to my new followers and a Happy Easter holiday to everyone. We have had some beautiful spring weather over the last few weeks, the promised heatwave hasn't quite reached Scotland but beautiful all the same.

Waiting on the bus to work is so much sweeter when the sun shines and the  blossom is on the trees  

Cherry Blossom in full bloom in my garden

 I used my blossom to make the centrepiece for my Easter table, it is sitting in eggshells although you cant see them easily!

A mini version .... the eggshells are made from paper but look quite effective if you don't look too closely :-)


Lots of Easter goodies for the mini Easter Party ... the graphics were a free download from  Prints of Joy and I bought the chocolate eggs last year from Christine


Any excuse to make more cannisters ... shabby Easter ones here

The pink Easter Egg on the top shelf is from Paris Miniatures, again last year's purchase but at least I was prepared for this Easter :-)

And of course some pink ones ...

... bright pink tulip ones ....

... and pale pink polkadot ones :-)

Pretty duck egg blue cannisters and my lovely spotty teapot from Lory


Blue Easter bunny cannisters

Back to work tomorrow but with the royal wedding next Friday its a three day week and time for something different in my mini world.

I bought this unfinished Bespaq kitchen island unit at a bargain price and I love it ... I'm a little scared to start painting it in case I spoil it but would like it cream with a French country feel ... no more pink, rustic colours I think ... and hopefully then the inspiration to progress with Home to Roost which is a house in progress with a chicken theme. I already have lots of lovely things ready to furnish it.

Jackie x


  1. Jackie, Everything is so darling!! I love all of the Easter goodies that you have made......especially the bunny cannisters! They are so wonderful!!!

    p.s. It is really hard to read what you have there any way that you could darken the font?

  2. Thanks Patty, I hope the text is more legible now, I'm still a real novice on the blog :-)

  3. Gorgeous pics of your real world! And beautiful pics of your mini world! LOVE all the pretty canisters!

  4. Oh Jackie! You have out done yourself with your canisters again! I think my favorites are the ones with the Easter eggs! Oh the one with bunnies!

    Don't be scared of the new cabinet! If you mess up the paint, you can always sand it... or just repaint over it:) I think furniture makin is my favorite part of minis!

    A rooster/chicken house, hum! Sounds lovely! Cant wait to see what you do:)


  5. Precioso blog, preciosos tus trabajos.Es una maravilla visitarte.Enhorabuena

  6. So lovely minis,I really love the canister in all colors.Sweets regards from sunny Spain,Sonia.


  8. I LOVE your little canisters! They're so precious. All of your little miniatures are amazing. I'm glad I discovered your blog and hope you continue to share your creations!

  9. So sweet! Your minis are amazing!

  10. Where did u get that unfinished bespaq island? Have u painted it yet?