Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Ooh La La Paris Party

Firstly I'd like to welcome the followers of my blog, thank you so much for your interest and for your encouraging comments.
I know the main reason I never make decent progress with my major projects is that every time I have a new idea or flash of inspiration off I go and get sidetracked ... again & again!
When I got this Ooh La La Paris Party set from Linnette at PaperGlitter I thought it would be fun to create in 1/12th scale.

Eiffel Tower, Party Hats & Treat Bags

Take Home Party Bags

I can just never resist making more canisters!

The absolutely fabulous cookies & cupcakes are from
Kim Saulter and so is the gorgeous birthday cake which
truly looks good enough to eat

Table set ready for the party guests .........


And one little person who couldn't wait
for the guests before sampling a cherry
cupcake :-)

Thank you for looking, Jackie


  1. It all looks so good together! I love the pink and black color combo! And you canisters!! So girlie:)

  2. love it!!!!!!!! the ooh la la stuff is fab!!! :D Linda x

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE I want to shrink down and attend this happy party. I think your canisters are so wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing. So glad you started a blog :) Hugs~ Kim

  4. Hi Jackie,

    You're work really is stunning, you are exceptionally talented. I'm so glad you are sharing your minis with us all!

    Hugs & kisses
    Mins xxxx